The relaxing summer has ended and student life has well and truly begun again. I can describe the life of a student in three words. Hectic. Stressful. Brilliant. With so much to be done in the first weeks of University, it’s a wonder we find time to eat. Or in my case, most nights you don’t. Not something I recommend.

I’ve been back at Heriot-Watt a week now and already the work is piling up but it’s all worthwhile when the benefit of Union life comes with it. The more involved you are with the Union, the better it is. For this year’s Freshers Week, I became a Freshers Helper which meant I spent a week working hard and talking to lots and lots of people. It was brilliant and I’m still involved with the Union now. Haggis Adventures Tours. Just one of the many ways my involvement has continued.

You get out of University what you put in. Meaning that a trip to the Union is a must! Find out about your Universities societies or research other societies in the area. Even, join a charities committee like RAG.

Sports Union is a good idea too. My task for this year is to take up fencing. I wonder how well this will go. Fencing must be the only sport where you can stab your friends and still be on perfectly good speaking terms afterwards. As an added bonus, it’s also a VERY good workout.

This entry is an introduction to the sort of person I am. The coming weeks will show how well I cope with the workload and my chaotic extra-curricular activities. Along with researching for my upcoming Year Abroad. I’ll share any tips that I stumble across and post about any of my travels.

Begun Again